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“I use Qmee on a daily basis and love how different it is from other websites. It’s so simple to use and you can earn great rewards just by doing what you do usually online! The surveys come often and are always new and exciting so it’s never a boring experience! I cannot wait to keep using Qmee.”

Ella, Qmee user since June 2017


“I just love taking surveys. It’s a lot faster than most survey sites and you get paid fast too. I use PayPal a lot so it helps me pay for things quickly. ????”

Jermaine, Qmee user since November 2013


“I LOVE Qmee and you will too!

I follow Qmee on Twitter, and I recently won a monetary prize just for sharing one little tweet – it was so cool! It was a little competition, and it only took me a minute to do.

There is much more to learn about how you can save money with Qmee and still get paid for surveys and shopping. Qmee is so generous in their cash rewards, they have given me more than five cents a few times when the survey took longer than usual. That is wonderful! MOST survey places are NOT that considerate.

I am always eager to earn any pennies I can get because I have saved up $1200 two different years with cents and my two sense!! It is wise to save pennies, believe me. I just set a habit of checking it about 3 times a day.  My last cashout was over $18 bucks – it adds up fast!

How much better can it get? I love you guys at Qmee! Thanks for the fun and the money!”

Kat, Qmee user since May 2015


Qmee is a legit survey site that I’ve been using for about a year. There is a relatively steady inflow of surveys and they continue to improve their website with respect to ease of use. I most appreciate that, unlike many survey sites, one-to one e-mail contact is available and when issues arise, responses are consistently prompt and clearly intent on a resolution on behalf of the survey taker.

Debra, Qmee user since August 2014

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  1. I get plenty of surveys which aren’t too badly paying. What sets this one apart from the other survey websites is their customer service – I always get a helpful, non-generic and friendly response within a day; I’m lucky to get a reply at all from many other sites.

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