April 14, 2015

What is Qmee?

We love our users; we love talking to you, hearing from you, and just seeing you make the most out of your Qmee rewards. But we’ve been wondering lately… have you ever wondered what the word Qmee actually means?!

We take the word for granted sometimes because we say it every day! However we’ve been thinking about what it’s like to hear it for the first time. “Queme”, “Qme”, “Qumee” – how would you think the word was spelt if you had never seen it before? “Queue me”, “Q me”, “Cue me” – what would you think it looks like if you had never heard it before?

As you know, “Qmee” is one word but you might not know that its’ meaning is actually made up of two parts; the ‘Q’ and the ‘mee’. The ‘Q’ represents searching the internet (which we all do of course!) and the ‘mee’ represents the relevance of the search to you; your own personal searches and results tailored to what you are looking for.

When you first heard the word, was your first thought “what is Qmee?” We’re so glad that so many of you ask that question and then love the answer! Were you surprised to find out Qmee is a browser extension that rewards you for your search loyalty? For those of you that don’t have the app installed yet, you heard right… you can earn money online with Qmee!

By having Qmee installed in your browser, you don’t change what you do, you just change what you get. And what you get is cash rewards that you can cash out to your Paypal account or donate to charity at any time! You just carry on searching the web as you usually would, so you don’t have to ask yourself “what to search on Qmee?”, and when we have results that are relevant to what you are searching for you will see them on the left hand side of your page. If you’re thinking of ways to earn money at home or boost your income, our users can tell you that Qmee does just that!


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