July 22, 2013

The Perfect Night In

The idea of a night in always used to mean something quite boring and implied that you were ‘getting old’. But nowadays there are plenty of things online that banish those assumptions and can help make a night in something to remember. Here are our top tips to make your night in go out with a bang…


It will be pretty difficult to have not heard of Netflix these days – but with lots of offers and access to what seems like a never-ending library of films and TV shows we had to mention it. Plus, Netflix have now started introducing their own range of commissioned series – the most recent being crime drama Orange Is The New Black.


If you like your films more on the independent side, Snagfilms is a good choice. They have a richer selection of independent films and documentaries – plus a very easy streaming process and it’s completely free. Its also a lot more social, your recommendations come from both the Snagfilms team and, probably more importantly, your friends in your network. There is also the option to create your own film collections – much like playlists – that others can browse. You can imagine how addictive creating ‘top 10s’ of every genre can get…


Seamless allows you to order your food for delivery or pick up – all online. There is no need to keep those endless paper menus floating around just in case you need a quick fix in a few months – you can save your favourites online and even occasionally pick up a few discounts along the way. And just incase you needed it any easier – you don’t even need to pick up the phone because everything is done online.


Foodler is very much alike in terms of the ability to order from many restaurants and browse their menus at your leisure all online – but the key difference is that Foodler actually gives you points every time you use it. The points can even be redeemed for actually useful things – like Starbucks and Apple gift cards.

Long Reads

If you’re keen to use your free time to catch up on the more intellectual things you may have missed then Long Reads is available on any of your devices and is an alternative to trawling through multiple websites, newspapers and magazines. They update the site with longer articles from different sources everyday so there is a lot of turnover with new content. Using Long Reads as a hashtag #longreads on Twitter also signifies the tweet links to a longer body of writing.


If you have a few minutes to kill waiting for a download or delivery – or just a really short attention span – then Miniclips is good for playing five minute basic flash games.

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