July 6, 2016

Qmee survey bonus rewards

We’re really pleased with the amount of users that are taking surveys every day.

We’ve been sent a great amount of feedback, we’ve listened to it all, and because of this, we’ve decided to reward you for your efforts when you’re unable to complete a survey.

We understand how frustrating it is when you spend time on a survey that you’re unable to complete due to not qualifying, or the survey provider having enough respondents – we do all we can to stop this but we rely on partners to provide you with surveys so it’s often outside of our control. So now, when you’re unable to complete a survey because of these reasons and we see you’ve spent time in the survey, we’re going to try and reward you with a small bonus whenever we can to say thank you for your effort.

If you receive a bonus reward for your unsuccessful survey (remember, you won’t receive one for every survey you don’t complete) we’ll add it straight to your piggybank and the amount will be shown in the Reward column on your Surveys tab.

Some users are earning over $/£100 a month just from answering surveys. Remember, you won’t be able to answer every survey but we’d love for you to keep trying so you earn more rewards too.

If you need some more help, take a look at our Survey House Rules.



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Survey support 4 Replies to “Qmee survey bonus rewards”


4 thoughts on “Qmee survey bonus rewards

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    So when does this bonus thing start? I tried to do 3 surveys this morning and got booted out of all of them and no bonus.

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    Hi Chris,

    Our new survey bonus reward feature has already been launched. As the blog says, you won’t be rewarded for every unsuccessful survey – when you’re unable to complete a survey because of the reasons mentioned in the blog, and we see you’ve spent time in the survey, we’re going to try and reward you with a small bonus whenever we can.

    If you have any further queries please email our support team on support@qmee.com.


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    I don’t see the surveys on my page, how do I get it?

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    Hi Victor,

    Surveys a new feature and still in beta at the moment – we’re rolling them out slowly to all Qmee users so don’t worry, it won’t be long until they become available to you. Once they become available you’ll have a ‘surveys’ tab on your dashboard. Until then, please continue to use Qmee as normal.


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