July 2, 2020

Qmee recipes – easiest ever paella

Think paella is too much of a challenge? Think again! This easy recipe makes it foolproof and is full of fantastic flavour! Paella is a great meal to make for whole family – just throw it all in a huge serving bowl once it’s ready and everyone can help themselves. Perfect for a weeknight as […]

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June 30, 2020

Enjoying the 4th July whilst stuck at home

The United States Independence Day, otherwise known as the 4th July (as this is the day it’s celebrated on!), is one of the most patriotic holidays in the USA. Every year Independence Day is full of family, fireworks, and fun – however, this year may be slightly different. It is important to know the reason […]

June 23, 2020

Cashing out to PayPal – it’s not always instant!

One of the things that our users tell us they love most about Qmee is the fact that they can cash out their rewards at any time. There’s never been a minimum amount needed when using PayPal to cash out your rewards and cashing out is very quick – pretty much instant! These aspects of […]

June 18, 2020

Qmee recipes – easy-peasy sticky toffee pudding

Discover a shameless shortcut to the family-favorite sticky toffee pudding (we’re not sorry about it!). The recipe will only take around 10-15 minutes which is perfect for those of us who don’t have a lot of time on our hands for baking. Who doesn’t love a stick toffee pudding?! As this particular recipe is so […]

June 16, 2020

Celebrating Soul Food Month every June

Get on the soul food train and join in the culinary celebration! Every year, June is known as “Soul Food Month” – it’s there to celebrate the African-American tradition of these rich, enticing and positively delicious dishes now known as soul food. This celebratory month is sponsored by the Culinary Historians of Chicago (a city […]

June 11, 2020

Qmee recipes – veg and soft cheese frittata

A cheese frittata is a great meal standby – it’s extremely quick and easy to prepare and to cook. For this recipe, we’ve chosen to add soft cheese and a few different types of vegetable to our frittata but a great thing about this meal is you can vary the ingredients you add until you […]

June 9, 2020

Quick and easy budget home improvement ideas!

Home improvement ideas are something many people have had time to ponder over recently, and whilst spending more time at home, even put those ideas in to action! DIY and home improvements are a great way to spend your time, especially if you’re not working at the moment, working less than usual or waiting to […]

June 4, 2020

Qmee recipes – hoisin pork with garlic & ginger greens

This recipe for hoisin pork with garlic and ginger greens is quick and easy to follow, and creates a delicious dish! Marinate lean pork steaks with Chinese sauce then serve with plenty of bok choi cabbage for a quick, healthy lunch or supper whilst on-the-go. You can add rice or noodles as a side dish […]

June 2, 2020

Father’s Day 2020 – time to celebrate Dads everywhere!

Father’s Day 2020 may be slightly different to previous Father’s Day due to being at home much more often than usual and due to the fact we’re unable to do certain things we might do to celebrate with our Dad – however, this doesn’t mean we should put any less effort in to making sure […]

May 28, 2020

Qmee recipes – easy chocolate biscuits

Try this basic recipe for chocolate biscuits – it’s fail-safe every time! Make a batch of chocolate chip cookies, or adapt it to include nuts, fruit or your favorite sweets. Take a look at the ingredients you’ll need and the method you’ll need to follow to create these simple and easy, but absolutely delicious, chocolate […]

May 26, 2020

Keep your garden in tip-top shape

If you’re one of the lucky people out there to have a garden, how’s it looking at the moment?! Have you been paying attention to it, improving it, updating it? Or are you not really a fan of gardening? Whilst spending more time at home than usual over the past few months, many people have […]

May 19, 2020

Qmee recipes – Caesar salad with roast chicken & bacon

Looking for some healthy meals? Caesar salad is a great one! It’s easy to make and great for a lunch that’s just the right size. Turn this favorite salad into a quick midweek meal with slices of bacon-wrapped chicken. A quick, simple and delicious recipe for a Caesar salad that won’t disappoint! Take a look […]

May 19, 2020

Behind the scenes of the Qmee app!

Have you ever wondered who’s behind the scenes of the Qmee app? Well, we thought now was a good time for you to meet Oinq’s co-workers! Since we’re all working from home at the moment, their recent shots are in their natural habitat rather than in the Qmee app office… 🐯 How long have you worked […]

May 14, 2020

Qmee recipes: quick & easy! Garlic lamb with peppers & couscous

Quick, impressive and bursting with Mediterranean flavour! Garlic lamb with peppers & couscous is an absolutely delicious meal that’s great for a quick dinner for the whole family. As it doesn’t take long to make, it’s also perfect for lunch if you’re working from home and fancy something flavourful! Take a look at the ingredients […]

May 12, 2020

Fun games to play at home with the family

As we continue to spend more time at home, it can become easy to run out of different ideas for new things to do to keep ourselves and our family entertained. There’s only so much Netflix you can watch every day, right?! Along with our every day routine which might include working from home, cleaning […]

May 7, 2020

Qmee recipes: quick & easy! Chorizo bean burgers

Combine delicious Spanish sausage with the traditional pork variety for pulse-packed, spicy bean burgers that are quick to make at any time of the day. These burgers are perfect for an easy lunch to enjoy a break from work, or for a family meal at the weekend that everyone will love. Serve them with soured […]

May 5, 2020

Does your personal brand need a boost?

Four tips to build and strengthen your online reputation and personal brand… Your personal brand is more important than ever in today’s highly competitive online world. The way you convey yourself and your capabilities could ultimately influence whether or not a company decides to sign you as a vendor, hire you as an employee, or […]

April 30, 2020

Qmee recipes: quick & easy! Chocolate chip banana bread

We have a brilliant recipe this week from our friend over at Sophie Sutton Nutrition – a quick and easy way to make delicious chocolate chip banana bread. Enjoy! Banana bread is an extremely popular sweet treat that’s simple to make. It’s also great for using up any ripe bananas sitting in your fruit bowl! […]

April 28, 2020

Keep fit and stay healthy whilst at home

How do we keep fit and stay healthy whilst stuck at home all the time? It sounds like an easy question to answer – “just do some exercise!” – but it’s not always that simple. Being at home constantly means motivation levels drop, tiredness increases from the lack of movement, fresh air and sunlight, and […]

April 23, 2020

Qmee recipes: quick & easy! Pea & Parmesan pasta dish

Our friend over at Sophie Sutton Nutrition has sent us another great quick and easy recipe this week – a brilliant pasta dish for the whole family. Here is a pea and Parmesan pasta dish which is great for kids, also made from a jar of pesto at home and some store cupboard pasta. It […]

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