December 5, 2019

Earn cash by taking online surveys

Taking online surveys to earn cash – is it really as simple as it sounds? Well, the answer to that: yes, it is! Being paid to give your opinions on different things is not only a great way to get some extra pocket money, it’s also fun and exciting at the same time. Sharing your […]

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December 3, 2019

Is last minute Christmas shopping beneficial?

Last minute Christmas shopping – you either absolutely love it or you can’t think of anything worse! This is the effect any kind of last minute shopping can have, but especially when it comes to shopping for Christmas presents just before December 25th. If you’re one of those people who don’t take pleasure in last […]

November 28, 2019

How to save money in 5 practical ways

It’s not uncommon to wonder how to save money – what’s the most efficient way, the easiest way, the most long-term way? If only we all knew the answer; personal finances can be one of the most stressful aspects of life, especially if you’re not particularly good at saving money. Most people often have something […]

November 27, 2019

How to prepare your finances for the holiday season

The holiday season is approaching, which means there may be a lot of traveling, family time and gift giving in your near future. This time of the year is also the most popular time to spend money! According to an article on Cloudways, Americans spent $515 billion during the holiday season in 2018 and are […]

November 26, 2019

Qmee recipes – squash, chickpea & coconut vegetable curry

Vegetable curry is an absolute favourite (and not just for vegetarians!) – the flavours are often mind-blowing! So that’s what we’ve chosen this week for our recipe – a squash, chickpea and coconut vegetable curry. Have a go at cooking up this vibrant vegan curry that makes the most out of autumnal squash. It’s ideal […]

November 21, 2019

Make money online at home and on-the-go

Make money online by taking surveys… Start to earn cash rewards by answering Qmee surveys. Take paid surveys on your laptop or mobile to earn real cash, not swag or points. Share your opinions on brands and see your earnings grow daily! You’ll need to answer a few short questions to opt in to receiving […]

November 19, 2019

Teaching kids to save money from an early age

When teaching kids to save money, it’s important to start at a young age to build good money management habits. Saving money isn’t always easy, no matter what age you are. As you begin your life as a parent or grandparent, how do you teach your children to save? Whether it’s learning to count or […]

November 18, 2019

Thanksgiving dinner: 10 tips for making it perfect!

Thanksgiving dinner is the biggest tradition (as well as watching the Macy’s Day Parade and the football!) across the US when it comes to enjoying Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is one of America’s most favorite holidays – a day off work to spend with the family, eating a huge, delicious meal and enjoying each other’s company; what’s […]

November 14, 2019

Free gift cards when you cash out with Qmee

Getting free gift cards and earning money with Qmee is quick and easy – and so is cashing out the rewards you’ve earned! There’s no minimum amount you need before redeeming your cash rewards to your PayPal account. As well as cashing out to PayPal, you can turn your cash rewards into free gift cards. […]

November 12, 2019

Black Friday 2019 – are you ready for it?!

Black Friday 2019 is just over two weeks away and we are more than ready for the offers, deals and sales that many brands promote on this day and this day only! In case you’re not 100% sure, this year Black Friday lands on November 29th, so get that date in your diary if it’s […]

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