October 5, 2012

Friday Tech, Money & Business Round-Up

3D printing for fun and profit: a serious hobby grows up

Gradually making it’s way into the mainstream, 3D printing is beginning to catch the eye of technologists world wide as the promise of product production at the push of a button becomes closer to reality. Up until now it has been seen as little more than a expensive hobby, but with the likes of Disney investing their millions of research dollars into it, could it grow up to become integral to the next industrial revolution or be destined to furthering the impact of privacy, or even worse, terrorism?

The Anytime, Anywhere iWorker


Apple’s influence over the consumer market is unarguable. However, after turning the consumer mobile phone industry on it’s head, overcoming the dominance of Nokia and changing the relationship consumers have with their phones for ever, can the iPhone and iPad change the landscape of business? With 15.1% of all working Americans using 3 connected devices and at least 7 applications for work each month, the answer looks to be in device makers favor.

Failure is a feature: how Google stays sharp gobbling up startups




Since it’s beginnings in 2001, Google has purchased and integrated over 2010 companies into it’s core proposition. When Larry Page took over in 2011 he realised the importance of focusing their attention, structuring the company into 7 core product areas: Search, Chrome & Apps, Mobile, YouTube, Ads, Geocommerce & Social. The Verge take a look at just how Google’s acquisition history has affected it’s present day offering.

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