Firefox and Qmee update

Firefox user? There has been a recent update in Firefox which means we’ve updated the app for Firefox as well. As the internet browsers continue to update, we need to continue to update our Qmee app.

If you’re using Firefox you’ll be prompted to update your app – when you log in to your dashboard you’ll see an “update the Qmee app” button so all you need to do is click on this, restart your browser and the app will update itself.

However if this doesn’t work for you and your app doesn’t update, you can manually update the update the app by following these instructions:

  1. Check that you’re version number of Firefox is 38 or higher
  2. Go to your Firefox Add-ons
  3. Right click on the Qmee add-on – this will bring up some options
  4. Click on the “Find updates” option
  5. Restart your browser straight away and the app will update itself
  6. Go back to your Add-ons and check the version number next to your Qmee app says 1.7.0

If this doesn’t work and the app hasn’t updated, you can always try a fresh install – make sure you restart your browser after uninstalling the app, and also when you’ve re-installed it.

If at any point you see a warning message that says “Qmee could not be verified for use in Firefox. Proceed with caution” please be aware that it is safe to ignore this message – the message is shown because Mozilla Firefox have changed their terms for App developers and we are in the process of getting verified.

If you have any trouble with updating the app, please email our support team on and they’ll be more than happy to help you out.


13 Comments on "Firefox and Qmee update"

  1. I tried all your suggestions and none of them worked. Is there any other way to update qmee with firefox?

  2. How do I access qmee on iPad ?

    • Hi Barbara,

      Qmee is currently available for PCs and laptops but bringing the app to mobiles and tablets is something we’re looking in to. Keep an eye on our blog and social sites as we’ll post updates there.


  3. Hi, I can’t even find the extension for firefox, can anyone help me?

    • Hi Li,

      If you log in to your Qmee account you should see the option to “Install Qmee” – this will install the app to your Firefox browser. If you have any trouble installing the app please drop our support team an email (


  4. not working in firefox

    • Hi Prabu,

      Please email our support team ( and they’ll help you to get the app working.


  5. The Qmee app doesn’t show in my add-ons.

  6. Fire fox is working smoothly thus far. I have only made one test of the site.

  7. AleksanderBrzoska | September 12, 2015 at 9:54 pm |

    Hello Qmee,
    I am having this problem recently that when i search something, there are results on the qmee bar however, the results don’t have a cash amount, they just have a ‘Q’ where the cash amount should be, i have a screenshot to prove it to you.
    How can i send it to you?

  8. Hi Aleksander,

    As well as showing results with cash rewards, we also show offers in the sidebar to make your internet shopping experience even better, and to try and save you some money too. If you see a result without a cash reward attached, it’s an offer result – these results contain an offer code in the text for you to use if you decide to buy something from that particular website.


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