August 2, 2019

Everything you need to know about Offers!

Take a look at all of the information you need when taking part in an offer you’ve found via your Qmee account…

What are Offers?

We call them our hand-picked money earners! Whether you’re looking to change your internet provider, buy a new phone, or even start enjoying a weekly meal plan, with these specially chosen offers you’ll be getting a free cash reward at the same time as doing something you were going to do anyway – it’s a win-win situation! The first few will appear on your dashboard, then just click on all offers to browse all the options.

How do they work?

First of all, you need to have a Qmee account and be logged in so that you can see which offers are currently available. Once you’ve decided which offer you’d like to take part in (and which reward you’d like to receive!), you’ll be taken to the brand’s website – we’ll track this to ensure you receive your reward if you’re eligible and complete the offer. The brand will then let us know when the offer has been completed. You’ll receive the reward in your piggybank once it has been sent to us by the brand – this can take up to 90 days, unless otherwise stated (for example, if you’ve chosen to take part in a Travel offer, the reward if often only given once you’ve completed your trip/stay).

What do the statuses mean?

There are a few different statuses that you may see when taking part in an offer. Take a look at what they are and what each of them means

Tracked – the brand has confirmed that you clicked on their offer and were taken through to their website, but they haven’t confirmed that the offer has been completed or approved your reward yet.

Pending – the brand has confirmed you clicked on an offer and were taken through to their website, but they haven’t approved your reward yet.

Rejected – your offer reward has been rejected by the brand.

Paid – your offer reward has been approved by the brand and they’ve confirmed you’ve completed their offer. The reward has been added to your piggybank and will be shown in your Qmee History.

Why is there a wait before my reward is paid?

You can receive your reward anywhere between a couple of weeks after completing the offer, up to 90 days after. There is always a wait before your reward is paid, and the length of the wait depends on the specific brand, when they complete the transaction from their end, and when they send your reward through to us.

Do I have to be a new user to complete an offer?

You don’t have to be a new Qmee user, but in some cases, you must be a new user for the specific brand you’ve chosen to complete an offer with, in order to receive the reward. The Terms and Conditions for each offer are shown as you hover over one, before you click on it. Please be sure to read through these prior to completing the offer.

Can I complete an offer more than once?

Unless otherwise stated, an offer can only be completed once and the reward for the offer can only be added to your piggybank once.

Can I receive a reward for an offer I completed previously, outside of Qmee?

No. We can only honor offer completions that were initiated and completed via the link provided on our Offers tab. If you completed an offer directly from the advertising partner’s website, or over the phone, prior to accessing your Qmee account, your completion cannot be honored by us.

Can I complete an offer with Adblock turned on?

No. We use cookies to link your offer reward back to your account, and these can be blocked by Adblock. To allow offer tracking, make sure you have Adblock turned off before clicking on the offer you want to take part in.

Why has my offer reward been rejected?

If the offer you took part in is showing as Rejected on your Offers dashboard, this means that the brand has not approved you to receive the offer reward. We may not know exactly why the brand has reached this decision, but some possible reasons may include:

– You cancelled or returned your order or part of your order.
– You used a promotional code, voucher code or another form of discount not approved by the brand when making your purchase.
– The brand provides offer rewards to new customers only, and you have shopped with this brand before.
– You may have used a saved quote or a renewal quote to make this purchase.
– You did not complete your order online i.e. it was finalized over the phone.
– You did not meet the Terms and Conditions set by the brand.
– You may have used a saved quote or a renewal quote to make this purchase.

How do I cancel or unsubscribe from an offer I completed?

Products and services subscribed to or purchased through an offer shown on your Qmee Offers tab are all from third-party brands. To cancel or unsubscribe from these offers, you will need to contact the brand directly. The contact information is in the brand’s terms of services or the receipt they provide you upon offer completion. If you decide to cancel or unsubscribe from the offer, this may affect your receipt of the cash reward.

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