How to access referrals

Earn even more cash rewards by referring your friends to Qmee!

How to edit your survey profile

It’s simple and easy to edit your survey profile. Keeping it up to date is important!

Help with using Qmee

Need help using your Qmee account or need to get in touch with us?    

Cashing out your Qmee rewards

It’s easy to get your Qmee rewards – there is no minimum cashout on PayPal    

Your survey dashboard

Take a look at this walk through of your Qmee survey dashboard…    

Opting-in to surveys

Find out how to opt in to Qmee surveys to earn more rewards. It’s quick and easy.    

Earning your first Qmee reward

It’s easy and quick to earn your first 10 cents/pence on Qmee, and you can cash it out right away.