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Qmee recipes – Easter nest cake

With Easter just over a week away, our recipe this week is for a show-stopping cake you can bake for on the day! Although there’s a lot of ingredients, this cake is an easy one…

Opting-in to surveys

Find out how to opt in to Qmee surveys to earn more rewards. It’s quick and easy. Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn

Earning your first Qmee reward

It’s easy and quick to earn your first 10 cents/pence on Qmee, and you can cash it out right away. Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn

Installing Qmee to your browser

Installing Qmee to your browser is easy and super quick! Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn

It’s time for a new Qmee Pop Quiz!

We think it’s time to do something fun! So, seeing as we haven’t done a Qmee Pop Quiz in a while, we’ve created a new one! Starting today (March 5th) we’ll be releasing some special…

DIY on a budget

As we’re coming to the end of February, we’ve started thinking of all the odd jobs around the home we want sorted out in the next couple of months. It’s the perfect time of year…

Qmee recipes – spiced eggplant bake

For our Qmee recipe this week, we’ve chosen a hearty, warming meal – made without any meat! So it’s perfect for all you vegetarian and vegans out there. It’s comfort food at its best –…