Qmee Not Working and What are Qmee’s Limits?


We pride ourselves on great customer service here at Qmee. We always aim to get back to any problems and worries you have as quickly as possible. But if you’ve contacted us and we can’t get back to you right away, then here are some solutions to common problems and questions in one handy place for you, read on…

A lot of people ask us whether Qmee has limits on how much you can earn, We want as many people to enjoy our services as possible. We want to reward genuine searches so organisations have the opportunity to connect with you and see what ads work and what ads don’t. If you click on the same thing over and over, or click from one site to another quickly, then we don’t class this as natural searching!

You will build up your rewards if you use Qmee alongside your everyday searches – if you like a result, click on it, explore the page and we can send you more of the things you like.

We use the pattern of your clicks to decide whether or not to show certain results to you, if you know someone who also uses Qmee and you are seeing different results then do not worry. Remember we don’t want to annoy you by showing you search results that you have no interest in, so if we don’t have anything relevant to show you, we won’t show you anything.

As well as this, your results will change over time as you use the service and it gets to know what you like, this may be why you notice differing patterns in your results.

As long as you can see the green Q in the bar along the top of your browser, then the app is installed and working as it should be. When you click on the Q it should display your balance. If you’ve had a desktop clean up recently then you may have accidentally got rid of Qmee and will need to reinstall it. You can do so by clicking here.

If Qmee is installed then you should get your rewards immediately. If you aren’t seeing anything then check to see if you’ve opened the page in another tab. If you do this we can’t see it so you won’t get anything in your piggybank!

If you aren’t seeing anything today and all appears well with the app, then don’t worry. Once your search patterns have settled down to normal you will start to see results again.

Qmee works in Windows, Mac OSX and Linux using Google Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer. Older versions of these browsers might not work with Qmee; it might be time to update!

If these tips don’t work then check if the site you’re searching on has extensions installed, this may be blocking Qmee from working properly.

Qmee currently doesn’t work on mobile or tablet but we’re hoping this will be a possibility in the very near future! We’re keeping an eye on demand for Qmee through other systems and browsers, so if you think we’re missing something, do let us know!

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  1. joe

    Hi guys. I can’t get the app to download to Firefox. It’s fine on Chrome and IE (I use different browsers for different web pursuits), but on Firefox I get the download progress bar until it say ‘few seconds remaining’, then it just hangs there… for hours…
    Any ideas?

  2. I have qmee enabled and I found that after3 searches the bar didn’t come up anymore even after waiting for at least 30 mins – 1 hour? Any ideas?

    • Amy

      Hi Jack,

      Have you had a read of our FAQs? https://www.qmee.com/faq

      As long as you can see the Q in the bar along the top of your browser it indicates the app is installed and working as it should be.

      We only show results when we think we have something relevant to show you, so we won’t appear every time or all the time. Qmee gives the best results when you are searching normally and clicking on links that interest you. This gives you the most rewards but also allows the businesses that list with us a chance to connect with you.

  3. I think I Internet Explorer is blocking Qmee, as I keep getting Internet explorer has blocked Activex control on this site each time I do a search using Google. I never got this before unless I was downloading something. IE will not allow mwto override this. When I click allow blocked content nothing happens. Could this be the cause? what should I do about it? I have already gone into my security setting to make sure that Activex controls are enabled or prompt.

    • Amy

      Hi Karen,

      Can you send an email to support@qmee.com with a screenshot? We have never seen that pop up before.

      If you can also send details of what version of Internet Explorer you are on as well that would help.

  4. Dear Qmee i am not sure whats happening but this is my second day now that Qmee is not working i do a search and it still does nothing and I am using windows vista and I am using internet explorer 9 and I cleaned my computer before I downloaded your site and it was working when i downloaded it but now i get nothing so I am not sure whats wrong with this site I tryed everything and still nothing so is there any one that can help thanks

  5. Hello,

    I have Qmee installed on my device for Google Chrome . I see the green “Q” at the top on my extension bar. I have read the other comments and understand that Qmee only show ads that’s only relevant to my search. Even though I have had Qmee only four days, I’m a real surfer and in those four days I have searched for; Do It Your Self ideas, Candle Molds and Oils, Cooling Pads for the laptop, and Books for Sell.
    Out of all of those searches I have only seen ONE ad from Qmee and that was when I was looking for cooling pads on Ebay. It paid me 8 cents. I see other ads but Qmee’s. Is there something I’m doing wrong?

    • Amy

      Hi, we won’t show results all the time. If you go to Google and search for Qmee you should see the sidebar appear, to show it is working properly.

  6. the app will not download, Norton keeps removing it

  7. Hi, I have not had any Qmee show me anything for a few weeks. Sometimes I get a red 8p symbol over the green Q in the top corner.
    What does this mean?

  8. The Qmee is not working at all. I do not even see it near the google search.. Its not working at all.

  9. Hi,

    My Q is on the top corner but the side bar on the left is not showing, I only signed up for Qmee 1 day ago and i waited 12 hours to see if it would work then but still nothing? how long will it take for it to work again? I went on to Google and search for Qmee to see if the sidebar appear, to show it is working properly but nothing.

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